Tube Polishing – Touchscreen for Programs Saving

ML100 Tube Polisher with Touchscreen

NS Máquinas has developed a new option for ML100 – Round Tube Finishing ans Polishing Machine. Now, it is possible to include, on this tube polisher, a mobile unit with an integrated touchscreen to control all the main functions of the machine.


The new panel allows a whole different variety of tube finishing operations by using saved programs to control the automatic feeding system, variable speed for the abrasive belts and the photocells (belts automatic opening and automatic tube direction inversion).

The main purpose of the control station is to add the possibility to finish sections of the tube. Since the abrasive belts will not be used on the other sections, it will increase its lifetime and reduce wear parts cost.

On the following video is possible to see the tube polisher machine with an automatic staged program: sections of tube being polished. The program is set previously with feeding speed, abrasive belts speed, belts specifications, number of repetitions and all the measures to make the metal tube polishing.

The process starts by inserting the round tube on the automatic feeding rollers. The sensor will detect the tube and will start the process that operator has defined. The rest of the tube finishing process is fully automatic.

This tube polisher with the programs saving feature can easily repeat previously defined processes without the need to change all the settings. Consequently, the operation of the tube polishing will be faster and releases the operator during the automatic process to do other type of work.


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