Automatic Tube Bundle Finishing Machine

MLW100 3Z tube wet finishing machine can be now equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems for complete tube bundles.
The tubes are delivered together in one single batch and are polished through the 3 planetary stations. The finished tubes are placed on the outfeed table without any operator intervention.
Saving handling time and operator intervention are the main benefits of these new automatic feeding systems.

MLW100 3Z: Three planetary stations wet polishing machine

Heavy bundle loading system designed up to 5 tons of material

Automatic loading and unloading tables designed for complete tube bundles (average 150 tubes with 12m length)

Mobile touchscreen panel and, by request, programs saving feature

Optimized productivity with automatic tubes handling counting with feeding speed up to 5m/min

Automatic water cooling and filtration unit up to 100l/min

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