Flat Surfaces Finishing - Alurodel Sled and sledges

Flat Surfaces Finishing – Alurodel Case Study

Allurodel sled and sledjes metal finishing

About Surface Finishing

Metal products usually have visual, aesthetic, or technical specifications related to their surface. Surface finishing is often required to meet those specifications, especially after the raw material has been transported, cut, curved, or drilled. All these processes create scratches, marks, and irregular surfaces which are usually not desirable on the final product. Grinding, chrome-plating, painting, brushing, or polishing are some of the finishes that are commonly seen. For most of these, a belt grinding or brushing process is required.

NS Máquinas manufactures a wide range of flat surface finishing machines equipped with a different number of abrasive belt or brush stations, being available in different widths and in wet or dry operation. Different options and accessories make these machines suitable for different types of finishing, grinding, and brushing applications. They can be used either on a small production workshop or in a multiple shift production process.

  1. Raw flat bar without surface finishing
  2. Flat bar after metal grinding process with an abrasive belt grit 60
  3. Flat bar after metal brushing process with an abrasive brush

Defining a Process

Taking into account the initial surface quality of the material and the required surface level is the most critical step when considering purchasing a metal finishing machine. This will determine the right equipment not only for the budget but also for the efficiency of the surface finishing process. NS Máquinas machines can be configurated with a different number of abrasive belts and brush stations. This can lead to a simple and low-cost tube or flat bar finishing machine with a single belt or brush station machine or, on the other end of the spectrum, to a wet multiple head six stations machine. NS Máquinas can also offer through-feed top and bottom machines or even 4 sides finishing machines. These tubes and bar finishing machines will do 2 sides or even 4-sides simultaneously in one single pass, saving time and cutting material handling costs.

The Solution

The FC120 ZK machine is a Flat Surface Finishing Machine suitable for stainless steel flat bars and for rectangular tubes. This finishing machine can also process narrow metal sheets, flat metal parts, and various other shapes such as door handles, knives or, door locks.

This machine can be configured with a single station – abrasive belt – or double station – abrasive belt and an abrasive brush. The 120mm width and 120mm height capacity are enough for most sizes used by locksmiths, metal producers, metal finishing companies, metal components producers. The tools free and fast abrasive belt replacement system is a very important feature that allows the operator to quickly change the type of surface and continue with other work. For specific requests, this machine can also include loading and unloading tables and special conveyor belts for not flat components.

Starting the machine and adjusting it was made very easy with a simple control panel where the conveyor belt and abrasive stations are switched on/off and speed adjusted. The machine also includes a central thickness and pressure adjusting wheel with a 1/10mm precision display.

The model FC120 ZK features a non-woven abrasive brush which applies a smooth and regular finish to the material. This brush has a wear adjustment wheel which allows for a complete use of the abrasive right up to its core.

The Case Study

Alurodel is a specialized sled manufacturer based in South Tirol, Italy. Their aluminum sleds are hand-made in their workshop. The company uses high-quality materials to avoid rusting, scratching by humidity, or temperature changes. 2 months ago, Alurodel has purchased an FC120 ZK from NS Máquinas to help them with the finishing process of their aluminum frames.

In fact,  during production, the aluminum frame is a part that requires special attention. These parts are one of the most exposed to the snow (low temperatures) since it allows the sled to slide and support the person’s weight.

This company was finishing the aluminum surface to a roughness of 3,5µm Ra with manual tools which was a very time-consuming process. NS Máquinas proposed to achieve the same roughness on an automatic process with FC120 ZK. Configuring the machine with a 60-grit abrasive belt and a medium-grit abrasive brush, it was quick and easy to achieve a uniform surface for powder coating, while also achieving the clear coating required on the final product. Mr. Torggler, Alurodel general manager, points out that the company has increased 3 times the output of finished material, assuring at the same time a highly consistent production.

Alurodel aluminum sleds are a proven light, flexible, and secure item for pure fun to be used by the whole family. You can learn more about this company and their products by visiting their website.

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