DM1100 Z – Deburring Machine

The DM1100 Z – Deburring Machine finishes and deburrs metal sheets cut by laser, punching, or shearing. This machine has one single wide belt station which can be used for deburring parts as small as 50x50mm and up to 1100mm in width.
It is also suitable for surface finishing, being possible to operate with both standard abrasive paper or with non-woven/scotch.
The DM1100 Z was designed with the possibility to be integrated with the DM1100 C – Edge Rounding Machine – so that deburring and edge rounding can be achieved in one go.

Combines an abrasive belt with a contact roller of 180mm in diameter and with a shore hardness of 55. The inverters on the abrasive belt (8-22m/s) and conveyor belt (1.5-10m/min) are essential to allow efficiency for both deburring and surface finishing. This station has a pneumatic tensioning system for easy consumable replacement and an automatic oscillation system to center the belt.

1100mm width and a 120mm thickness processing capacity. The machine’s high-grip conveyor belt makes it also possible to process parts as small as 50x50mm. On the frontal control panel, it is possible to control the machine speeds, check motor consumption, and adjust the table thickness.

Both machines can be connected through an extra conveyor belt table to allow for a complete deburring and edge rounding process. Customers who already have the DM1100 C Edge Rounding Machine can increase both their capacity and available services.

One single user to operate both machines: feed the machine with parts, inspection, storage in the same place, and increased productivity when a double-sided process is required. This solution is designed for parts up to 250x250mm and with a thickness of up to 20mm.

DM1100 Z – Deburring Machine Demonstrational Video

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