DM1100 C+ Automated Deburring and Edge Rounding

The all-new DM1100 C+ performs deburring and edge rounding on laser-cut parts in a fully automated operation.

Two counter-rotating belts equipped with abrasive blocks uniformly round out all the edges of the workpiece in a safe and simple operation.

An intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen panel enables the operator to seamlessly select and adjust all the programs stored in the machine’s PLC.

Handy loading and unloading conveyor tables serve as a great complement to vastly improve the machine’s intake and output capacity.

Machine Benefits

Automated Adjustments

A motorized abrasive belt station allows the operator to adjust both thickness and cross-belt pressure automatically by inserting the desired specific values on the machine’s control panel.

Parameters Storage

Enables the storage of all the parameters related to each metal part and of all the programmable controls of the machine.

Automatic Bar Code Reader Set-up

The bar codes can be uploaded to the machine’s PLC using a scanner. Based on the received information, the PLC then selects the program to set the right parameters for the edge rounding operation.

More Buffering Capacity (optional)

The machine can be equipped with loading and unloading conveyors, thus allowing for more buffering capacity, and reducing the need for the operator to be constantly moving around the machine.

Abrasive Wear Compensation

Every time this station is switched on, a programmed procedure of measuring the length of the abrasives is triggered. The measured wear is transmitted to the PLC which compensates it to always assure the pre-specified edge rounding pressure.

DM1100 C+ Demonstration Video

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