Deburring Case Study – DM1100 Z2C at Nortech AS, Norway

The DM1100 Z2C is a double-sided deburring and edge rounding machine developed for demanding productions, but also with flexibility in mind.

In 2017, Nortech AS in Norway has invested in this solution for their steel plates deburring. Today, we have re-visited this company to know more about their experience with our metal sheet deburring machine.


Two words come to mind when one thinks about the DM1100 Z2C: flexibility and productivity.

The DM1100 Z2C performs deburring and edge rounding on both the internal and external contours of stainless steel, steel and aluminum parts.

This adaptable machine features an upper deburring head with a contact roller which is both large (Ø240mm) and powerful (18.5kW), making it ideal for a wide range of metal parts produced by a variety of cutting processes: from thin, laser-cut sheet metal blanks and small parts to large and thick plates cut by oxy-fuel and plasma.



Thanks to its double, top-and-bottom cross-belt system, the machine is able to operate on both sides of the workpiece. During this double-sided operation, it is able to remove sharp edges from parts with a minimum length of 150mm. It can also work with parts up to 1100mm wide and 120mm thick. All of this is done in one single pass, which allows the operator to save time when dealing with heavy components. There is no need to pick up heavier workpieces, flip them or put them back through the machine. The fact that heavy part handling is eliminated also significantly reduces the risk for operator injury and workplace accidents to occur.

Additionally, the DM1100 Z2C is also designed to work with parts as small as 50x50mm in a single-sided operation. At the push of a button, the feeding rollers that would ordinarily transport longer parts to the second cross-belt station drop and give way to a ramp, at the end of which there is a storage compartment to keep the small parts. In short, they simply go through the deburring station and the first edge rounding station, skipping the bottom cross-belts. They are kept in the storage compartment until the operator decides to pick them back up and take them away. An optional Small Parts Return System can be attached to the machine, replacing the storage compartment, to automatically bring them back to the operator for further processing. All you have to do is turn them over and put them through the machine a second time to round out the edges on the other side.

The unique single-sided operation, especially when combined with the Small Parts Return System for increased automation, not only vastly increases the machine’s versatility in terms of compatible part size but also completely eliminates the need for a second investment in a machine to process smaller parts.

This sophisticated piece of equipment is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a deburring and double-sided edge rounding machine that makes it possible to get a perfectly clean surface and smooth edges. It delivers stellar results, be it in the form of longer, more continuous jobs over multiple shifts or in instances of more occasional use.

Thanks to its 3-conveyor-belt-system design and its sturdy construction, the machine is able to achieve consistent results in a stable operation by applying the same amount of abrasive pressure to the top and bottom of the part. Moreover, the high-adhesion rubber all 3 conveyor belts are made of ensures the part stays in place the entire time. And because having the metal parts adhere firmly to the conveyor belt is a fundamental aspect of any deburring and edge rounding process, a system that is continually brushing dust off the conveyor belt has also been included. The brushed-off dust falls into a drawer.

Established in 1995, Nortech is an all-round supplier for the construction and oil industries. This Norwegian company has completed CE certification according to 1090-1, execution class EXC3, and welding class ISO 3834-2. With an annual capacity of 7000 tons, they can handle both large and small projects, dealing mainly in HSQ beams but producing all manner of columns and lattice girders as well. Nortech has acquired special expertise in wear-resistant and high-strength steel. Providing gas and waterjet cutting services, with the capacity to deliver high output at short notice, Nortech values quality, efficiency and productivity above all. It was with these same demanding requirements in mind that they came to us back in 2017 for a deburring and edge rounding solution. We rose to the challenge with the DM1100 Z2C.

As a preparation process for welding or a finishing process for direct delivery to the end-user, Nortech used to work on their metal plates with angle grinders and other such grinding tools in what was, for the most part, a time-consuming and inefficient manual operation. In order to improve this process, they opted for a deburring and double-sided edge rounding solution, thereby increasing efficiency and output, as well as improving quality, practically overnight.

“Our company is currently able to save about 1200-1500 hours a year by using the DM1100 Z2C.”
as stated by Nortech’s CEO, Mr. Pål Leversby

At the same time, they also managed to achieve a better overall surface quality. Moreover, customer satisfaction has noticeably increased, the assembly has become faster, and welding has also improved thanks to how clean the parts get after being processed by the DM1100 Z2C.

In short, the machine has lived up to expectations, from the outset and consistently. As Mr. Leversby puts it, We are pleased with the machine and the performance it has. I guess I decided what we needed and got you to make it that way.

Nortech’s experience with NS Máquinas’ DM1100 Z2C has confirmed how reliable and productive deburring equipment can actually be. The challenge of having combined these traits with flexibility both in terms of components’ sizes and thermal cutting processes is definitely a huge contribution not only for thick plate suppliers for the construction industry but also for providers of laser-cutting services.

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