DM1100 ZC S Line Deburring Machine

DM1100 ZC S Line – New Deburring Machine


Setting up the machine is a fast and easy process. Pneumatic tensioning on the deburring station allows you to quickly equip or replace the abrasive belt. The second station, which features two cross-belt units, uses a manual handle to release and tension the belts.


This no-nonsense version of the DM1100 ZC features a stripped-down control panel containing the essential controls you need to operate the machine: on/off buttons for both stations and the conveyor belt and dials to regulate feeding, abrasive belt, and cross-belt speed.


Using two precise handwheels you can adjust the machine for part thickness (up to 120mm) and regulate cross-belt pressure.


Although the S Line was designed with a smaller frame to take up less space on the factory floor, it retains the solid and reliable construction NS prides itself on while also delivering a simplified user experience.

DM1100 ZC S Line – Demonstration Video

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