LMD2500 2Z – Handling Made Easy – Long Belt Finishing Machine

Handling System – 3D Structures

Weld grinding and polishing of boxes with a four-suction-cup system to turn larger parts and hold them in different positions.

Surface Finishing and Weld Removal – Flat Tool

Ideal to achieve a fine hairline finish on sheet metal parts or to remove welds from metal structures.

Flat Surfaces – Contact Roller

A deeper line effect can be achieved on the surface of rectangular tubes and sheet metal components.

Deburring and Edge Rounding Station

Allows for different operations: burr removal with sandpaper discs, edge rounding with abrasive brushes, diffuse surface finishing with scotch discs, and deslagging with pin brushes.

Handling Made Easy!

The LMD2500 2Z is a double-long-belt finishing machine. Equipped with a large 2500mm wide table, it was designed for weld removal and surface finishing on large metal structures, welded boxes, and flat parts. A newly developed clamping device was integrated into the machine, which makes for improved handling of large parts. Using a 3D-turning by 3-axis system, it allows the operator to effortlessly turn and hold the part in different positions so that all its surfaces can be thoroughly finished.

According to feedback from NS Máquinas customers, the LMD2500 2Z’s new clamping device has allowed them to benefit from a faster, more ergonomic, and more practical finishing process than purely manual solutions, which make use of basic machine tools. These simpler solutions make the overall process more tiring since the operator needs to be constantly handling the parts, whether it is turning them over or picking them up, while working on a stationary workbench.

Working with a fully manual solution makes it more difficult and time-consuming to balance irregularly shaped parts. When working on a flat surface, the part can only be placed in either horizontal or vertical positions. To get around this and to be able to hold the parts at an angle, it becomes necessary to rig up improvised jigs to keep the parts steady. The LMD’s clamping device allows you to do away with these jigs and stationary tables, making it much easier and faster to handle large workpieces or irregular shapes in several different positions and at various angles without requiring a flat surface to work on. This will not only save you space on the factory floor but will also allow you to get more productivity and flexibility with less manpower. This new upgraded version of the LMD2500 2Z also includes a dedicated rack to switch between the loading table and the clamping device.

As an option, a deburring and edge rounding station is available, allowing for different operations. It can be equipped with a sandpaper disc for burr removal, with brushes made from a sandpaper/non-woven mix for edge rounding, scotch discs to achieve a diffuse surface finish, or even pin brushes for deslagging.

Additionally, the machine comes with a counterweight system that can be equipped with two interchangeable finishing tools: a flat finishing pad and a contact roller. The counterweight system supports and balances the finishing tool, enabling the operator to slide it horizontally while applying vertical pressure to the abrasive belt. Thanks to its flexible abrasive belts, this machine can easily process irregular shapes, allowing you to reach all the corners and edges of the workpiece.

With its 2500mm wide table, the LMD gives you more room to work. It uses larger belts that last significantly longer than the abrasive discs used on machine tools. These belts achieve a more uniform finish than could be done by hand. And because the machine uses two abrasive belts, you will be able to achieve different finishes or perform distinct tasks by using different sandpaper grits. You can use, for example, an abrasive belt for weld removal and another for surface finishing immediately afterwards.

In short, the LMD2500 2Z is a flexible machine that can be used for several different applications, from weld removal and surface finishing to deburring, edge rounding and even deslagging. It can process both small parts and large sheet metal components, as well as welded boxes, irregular shapes, and rectangular tubes. Using the new clamping device, you can hold large parts in various positions and at several different angles, which will allow you to process them faster while achieving an even higher-quality finish than would be possible with a completely manual process.

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