Deburring Case Study – Australia

Founded in 1986 as a stainless fabrication business, Morgan Metal Corp, a family owned company in Brisbane, Australia, evolved into offering a stainless steel polishing service, then added laser cutting and water jet services. As the business grew and a second generation came in to the fold, expansions in equipment and services soon followed. Investing in a new, much larger laser unit, a new high powered water jet cutter, Managing Director Richard Morgan, knew it was time look at edge rounding options. His choice was the DM1100ZC, an abrasive belt, cross belts combination machine, knowing it would cover his needs.

The size and material of components changes by the hour, MMC services the construction and automotive industries, they require real flexibility. With a range of steel, aluminium and stainless-steel components processed every day, no two hours ever look the same.

Richard told us, the drive to be in front of labour cost efficiencies, was the real motivator in looking for a machine solution, and eventually what would steer him to the DM1100 ZC. With edge rounding works previously being done by hand, Richard told us that before the DM unit:

“if there was 10 tons of material to be cleaned up and rounded, it would take 3 staff, at least a full day to do it…but now, one staff member can process that same quantity of material in 2-3 hours, allowing him to utilize staff in other areas of the business…”

A secondary benefit, is the improvement of consistency in the finish provided by the DM unit, along with measurable and efficient running costs.

No stranger to NS Máquinas, Morgan Metal Corp also has an FGW300 3Z HD. A goliath of a machine, for processing Stainless flat bar and square section materials. At 300mm wide, 3 independent powerful heads eat their way through the toughest stainless materials. MMC also owns a TR120 3Z, a specifically designed, 3 head, stainless flat bar edge polishing unit, both of these machines are the only ones of their kind in Australia.

A long-standing business relationship has been in place with MMC and our Australian agent, Austech Supplies. With a heavy focus on technical support, Austech Supplies is always on the front foot, working hard find a better way, there have been many successful developments and outcomes in the partnership with Morgan Metal Corp over the years, working together to improve cost efficiency, better surface finishing outcomes, return on investment, and value for money….we have little doubt, there are more to come in the years ahead.

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