2x Faster Finishing Process on Flat Bars and Rectangular Tubes

When talking about flat bars and rectangular tubes surface finishing, there are some aspects that are important to consider: the surface quality, the required surface and the overall productivity.

Considering these points, NS Máquinas offers a wide range of solutions, from 1 side up to 4 sides finishing and from 1 up to 4 grinding stations.

Inserted in the FG’s machines family, FG220’s big sister, FG220 4ZV, ensures an excellent quality dry surface finishing in rectangular tubes and flat bars up to 220mm width per 200mm height and it can work any length from 700mm.

 > FG220 4ZV uses 2+2 abrasive belts configuration, 2 on the upper side and 2 on the bottom, working on both sides of the parts at the same time. It has a good return on investment due to the 2x faster processing time on longer tubes and bars and the reduced handling.

See more at the product page: FG220 4ZV.

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