IT’S A MATCH – ML100 + MP100

Cuivrinox describes itself as a “Tailor-made company serving your decoration”. This French manufacturer located in Brittanny specializing in the transformation of brass and stainless steel presents its range of products aimed at the interior design and laying-out industry. Cuivrinox operates for more than 40 years in a top-class market, equipping high-class stores, bars, and restaurants with tubular products such as clothes displays, shelves, handrails, and handles.

This Bretan producer used to buy pre-polished stainless steel and brass, which they’d manually re-finish and polish. Last year, the company invested in a set of two machines from NS Máquinas in order to improve their tube finishing and mirror polishing quality, consistency, and supply time.

ML100 is a tube finishing machine that is engineered with a planetary wheel including a set of 2 abrasive belts which rotate around the tube applying a consistent finish in round tubes and pipes. MP100, a mirror polishing machine, is also equipped with a rotating disc where three cotton wheels are displayed, polishing tubes without any extra support or guiding element. We talked with Mr. Odic Kaelig, the production manager of the company, who told us about his experience with the machines and how it all started.

ML100 is now finishing raw tubes mostly up to 600 grain for any application where a brush finishing is required. Additionally, the ML100 operates as a partner for the MP100, proceeding up to a very fine finish level (mainly 1200 grain) whenever a preparation for mirror polishing is required. MP100 tube polishing machine is only used for high gloss applications, which were done before manually.

We are using soft cotton polishing wheels in MP100 in a single pass-through, once the pre-polishing preparation with his ML100 has been done.
Mr. Kaelig, Production Manager, Cuivrinox

The benefits that stand out in his experience with the machines are mainly the consistency in quality. Especially in brass tubes, the mirror polishing achieved with MP100 stands out and clearly marks a difference from the manual polishing he used to do. Both machines can additionally polish curved tubes, which is particularly beneficial for a small range of their products, but especially welcomed since those tubes are particularly difficult to finish and polish.

Then, on the operator side, the company recognizes the machines are engineered in a way that the operator can be easily trained. Health and safety are also pointed out since, unlike manual polishing, ML100 and MP100 share a concept where the finishing and polishing material operate in a close compartment making the integration of a dust extraction system easy.

Both machines operate 6-7 hours per day and one person is able to manage the output of both machines. In a day Cuivrinox can process consistently over 200m of tube high-quality polished tubes in their workshop.
Mr. Kaelig, Production Manager, Cuivrinox

The perfect match between these two machines makes the company now consider the investment in a table loading/unloading system from NS Máquinas in order to improve the link between the finishing and polishing processes, cutting tubes handling time, and improving operator efficiency.

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