3-in-1 solution: deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing

_ reduce heat problem
_ straight hairline finish

We know that a lower speed proves ideal for deburring and edge rounding, while a faster speed optimally handles the final surface finishing process.
Operating two machines as one, the DM1100 ZC and the DM1100 Z, enables setting different feeding speeds and, therefore, reducing heat during processing.

Moreover, the DM1100 Z, with its faster conveyor belt speed, delivers a completely straight hairline finish, distinguishing itself from combination three-station machines that, with a common low operation speed, tend to produce a wavy effect. This distinction underscores the precision and consistency achieved with the overall solution.

_ layout flexibility
_ cost-effective solution
_ flexible for evolving production needs

At the core there’s a transport table connecting the DM1100 ZC to the DM1100 Z, integrating both machines allowing the three-step process. It ensures a smooth transition of the metal parts.

This cohesive solution not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also offers adaptability for future adjustments. Customers can easily repurpose each machine for different projects or materials, making it a cost-effective and flexible solution for evolving production needs.

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