Automated Dual-Drilling Precision – TDM100 2D AT

Optimize your tube drilling process with simultaneous drills using the same or different tools, resulting in enhanced precision and increased productivity.

The touchscreen panel features a program-saving functionality for quick and easy recall of repeatable setups for all the parameters: tube feeding, rotation, clamping system and drilling speed.

Precise drilling at various angles with both stations at the same time from -50 to +50 degrees.

Fast tools replacement for different types of drilling up to ø114mm and 100x100mm.

The level of autonomy offered by a fully automated machine is crucial in enabling operators to focus on other tasks. With pre-defined programs, even workers with minimal training can easily operate the machine in just a few minutes. This greatly empowers the workforce and frees operators to work on the cutting machine.

TDM100 2D AT tube drilling machine is an efficient and precise tool used in the manufacturing of stainless steel tubes. This machine is specifically designed to drill and bore holes in stainless steel tubes with a high degree of accuracy, speed, and consistency, and it can even drill the holes in a specific desired angle, between -50º and 50º. Also, unlike laser cutting machines, TDM100 2D AT can drill on painted pipes without burning or removing the paint and it doesn’t leave any kind of burr that can harm the tube.


Firstly, the TDM100 2D AT tube drilling machine can produce holes in stainless steel tubes much faster than manual methods. This makes it ideal for high-volume production environments where speed and accuracy are essential. This machine also offers greater precision than manual methods, ensuring that each hole is drilled to the correct size and position.


Secondly, it’s a very versatile machine and can be used to drill a wide range of hole sizes and shapes in stainless steel tubes, using different kinds of drilling tools, taping tools, or even flowdrill. As this machine has two stations, you can work on both sides of the tube independently and at the same time. This flexibility makes it ideal to use in a variety of industrial applications and contexts, including the manufacturing of handrails, hydraulic pipes, safety equipment, aerospace components, automotive parts, and many others. Also, if you’re looking for a smaller machine to work in a smaller workshop, please take a look at TDM100 2D AT’s younger sister, TDM100. This is a one-head, semi-automatic machine that for sure will help you increase your production and achieve an excellent ROI.


Thirdly, the TDM100 2D AT tube drilling machine is highly automated, which means that it requires minimal operator intervention. This not only reduces the risk of operator error but also frees up valuable time and resources that can be used for other tasks. With advanced features such as programmable drilling parameters and automatic feeding, TDM100 2D AT offers a level of automation that simply cannot be matched by traditional manual methods.


Finally, the TDM100 2D AT tube drilling machine ensures that each hole is drilled to the exact specifications required, fully automated. This level of precision is essential in the manufacturing of stainless steel tubes, where even the smallest deviation from the required size or position can result in a defective part. By using this machine, manufacturers can be confident that each part will meet the required quality standards, resulting in fewer defects and a more efficient production process.

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