Automatic Shine: Dance, J-Lo, and the MP100 2P AT!

The connection between our MP100 2P AT automatic round tube mirror polishing machine and Jennifer Lopez may seem unexpected at first glance, but it’s rooted in the world of dance. As Lopez prepared for her role as a pole dancer in the movie “Hustlers,” she underwent rigorous training to master the art of pole dancing. Just as Lopez transformed herself for her role, our machine transforms simple round tubes into polished poles fit for dancing, embodying the spirit of elegance and performance.

From the first day of our collaboration with LUPIT POLE, a renowned producer of complete solutions for pole dance, aerial, fitness, and yoga equipment for homes and studios, we’ve been committed to meeting their evolving needs. Starting with the RC200, a versatile machine capable of both sanding and polishing, we progressed to the ML100 3Z, equipped with three different stations for faster tube preparation and sanding. Now, with the MP100 2P AT, we’ve reached new heights, offering a specialized machine with two polishing stations and automatic tables for seamless tube loading and unloading. Our journey with the client reflects our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, ensuring that each machine upgrade enhances their production process and efficiency.

The concept behind our MP100 2P AT is simple yet revolutionary: to streamline the polishing process and enhance productivity. With two polishing stations and automated tables, the machine delivers consistent results while minimizing manual labor. Whether it’s preparing poles for dance performances or creating polished tubes for architectural applications, the MP100 2P AT excels in versatility and performance. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, we’ve redefined the standards of tube polishing, empowering our clients to achieve their goals with ease.

So, whether you’re gearing up to dazzle like J-Lo or seeking to elevate your architectural designs with polished perfection, NS Engineering stands ready to deliver. From simple solutions to complete transformations, our MP100 2P AT redefines the tube polishing process, ensuring your projects shine brighter than ever. Let’s kickstart a new era of brilliance together!

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