DM – Edge Rounding Machines are now available with deburring station before the cross belts.

The soft contact roller Ø240mm can grind away burrs from laser and plasma, while the cross belts will remove sharp edges, rounding them with extreme efficiency.

One of the great advantages of these machines is the range of parts sizes it can deburr. Parts can be as small as 50x50mm and a perfect rounding is still obtained.

The stations are independent. This makes possible the operation only for edges rounding (without abrasive belt) and only for parts finishing in a second step after deburring and edges rounding.

These new DM machines are available in 660mm and 1100mm widths. These models count with fixed working height, motorized control of thickness and cross belt pressure/wear.

The cross belts are positioned at 35º, which permits the use of the full width of conveyor belt. Parts will not be placed at an angle as it is done with DM1100 C – Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine. More, we can have a straight finishing after edges rounding if a 3rd station is required (abrasive belt or brush unit).

See the demonstration video below of DM660 ZC and DM1100 ZCK where it is shown the deburring and edge rounding process of a laser cut part.


DM660 ZC


DM1100 ZCK


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