Multi-station Deburring Machine

NS Máquinas’ deburring machines are designed to perform a complete metal finishing process, from burr removal to extreme edge rounding. This allows any company to get rid of metal sheet imperfections and avoid problems later on with the painting process.

The new DM1100 DCC has three stations:
1) D – deburring drum for slag and burr removal;
2) C – cross belts for edge rounding;
3) C – cross belts for oxide layer removal.

This deburring machine has the same two stations that can be found on the DM1100 DC, seeing as both machines serve the same purpose. Compared to the DM1100 DC, this machine includes an extra cross belt station equipped with oxide removal cross belts. These special blocks use wires which grind against the laterals of the parts and remove the oxide layer.

At the drum station, the burrs are removed from the edges and the surface of the metal part. What happens afterward depends on how the customer prefers to configure the machine. Edge-rounding cross belts are the most common choice since it is enough for the parts to be painted afterward (usually using a powder coating process).

The right combination of stations assures that the part will only need a single pass through the machine, which helps reduce processing time. Other operations may be necessary and for that reason, it is possible to equip the machine with extra stations for 1) removing the oxide layer from the laterals of the metal parts or 2) obtaining a higher edge radius.

Oxide Layer Removal

When operating a laser cutting machine it is possible to use either oxygen or nitrogen. Nitrogen can be five to six times more expensive than oxygen. Also, the extra thermal energy provided by the oxygen allows for higher cutting speed. The main disadvantage of oxygen is the oxide layer that forms. This layer can prove problematic when doing powder coating or applying wet paint or other metal protection processes to the part because adherence is reduced, and they are therefore easily removed or likely to crack due to a small impact or movement.

Removing the oxide layer manually is a very time-consuming and expensive process. Usually, the high labor costs, the inconsistencies on the edges and laterals of the metal parts, and the fact that some parts are not easy to handle are the biggest disadvantages inherent to the manual process.

Automatic solutions are efficient when it comes to removing the oxide layer: the production rate is closer to the laser’s production rate and cost, and maintenance is not demanding when compared to using nitrogen to assist the laser. You can get consistent results in all the edges and laterals of metal parts.

Extreme Edge Rounding

Metal coating protects metal parts from corrosion caused by environmental conditions and for this reason it is one of the main processes performed after the deburring process. Different levels of exposure require more or less intensive coating processes. Usually it is easy to apply a good layer of coating to flat surfaces. However, when dealing with the edges of the parts, problems tend to arise. If the edges are sharp or not round enough, the coating layer around them will be too thin when compared to the one applied to the flatter surfaces of the part. These specific points are the weakest ones and here the coating is likely to crack and expose the metal underneath, which will give rise to corrosion. By rounding the edges, it is possible to dull them and increase the surface area, thereby reducing the risk of corrosion forming around the edges. Adding an extra station for extreme edge rounding is a crucial step if your metal parts require a medium to high edge radius.

By combining those stations with a contact drum or an abrasive belt to remove burrs, it is possible to have an all-purpose machine with different possibilities for deburring, edge rounding, and oxide removal. Please check below our demonstration video of the DM1100 DCC machine with three stations: contact drum, edge rounding cross belts, and oxide removal cross belts.

[KGVID width=”600″]/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/DM1100-DCC-Deburring-Machine-NET.mp4[/KGVID]

NS Máquinas is capable not only of delivering the best finishing machines for slag removal, deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal, and surface finishing but also of adapting them to suit each customer’s needs. For this reason, we equip our machines with the best systems and customize them to deal with any production issues or particularities our customers may have. Our deburring machines can be either standard solutions for the whole market or special solutions for specific production lines.

If you need further information about our machines please email us at or reach out to us through our contact page.

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