DM1100 DC - Verrundungs- und Entgratblöcke, Entgratwalze

Deburring and rounding edges: Burrs are grinded away from the edges while the cross belts will work on the sharp edges, making them cleaned and rounded, both on the external and internal contours of the part.

DM1100 D2C combines a powerful contact drum for heavy burrs deburring (D station) with a set of 2 counter rotating edge rounding cross belts.

Double Side Edge Rounding: This version of DM machine features one upper deburring station and a double cross belt head working both on the upper and lower sides of the part, leaving soft and clean edges on the 2 sides of the cut metal sheet in one single pass.

DM1100 D2C lower cross belt station: working from the bottom makes the rounding on the lower edges of the metal sheet. DM1100 D2C concept has 3 conveyor belts design in order to assure that the deburring and the brushing are always made against a flat surface (conveyor frame), assuring an higher pressure both from top and bottom operation.

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