Inclined Tube Drilling Machine – TDM100

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Introducing the TDM100! Our latest drilling machine is the smartest choice you can make if you are looking to work with tubes, bars, and profiles. This machine is ideal for inclined drilling, flow drilling, and tapping. Widely used in the handrail and furniture industries, this compact yet effective piece of equipment delivers stellar results as well on several other drilling operations for stainless steel tubular components.

Machine Benefits

Handrails, Furniture and Other Tubular Components

Suitable for inclined drilling of round, square and rectangular tubes and flat bars up to 50mm in diameter or width.

Flow Drilling and Tapping

The TDM100’s powerful motor combined with a system of interchangeable tools allows for thermal drilling and threading up to M12.

Cost-effective Drilling Solution

The operator can easily prepare and adjust the single station for the required drilling operation. The machine has manual controls and a dedicated cabinet for tool and accessory storage.

Inclined Tube Drilling Machine Demonstration Video


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