Large Parts Conveyors

Two or three tables complete the system: 180º U-turn conveyor belt table, a straight return conveyor and, if required a 90º unit at the end can be added to bring the parts right up to the operator. This system is developed for a high diversity of metal parts: small, large, light, or heavy.

Deburring Machine heavy parts automatic unloading system

Small, large, light, or heavy metal parts

The automatic system is prepared to work with small or large, light or heavy metal parts. All the tables are connected to allow for a smooth transition using rollers. The structure is robust enough for heavy parts and it has the same 1100mm width capacity as the machine.

Deburring machine plasma cut part feeding into machine

Single Operator Process

Working with a single operator is made possible. While the operator is feeding the machine parts, the automatic system is transporting them towards the stationary table. The operator therefore avoids having to move to the machine’s exit every time a metal part’s deburring process is finishing up.


Complete Return System

Unloading system with 2 different tables: 1) 180-degree motorized table and 2) straight motorized table. All these tables transport the parts from the machine’s exit to the front of the machine.


Storage Area

The storage table is important to guarantee that the parts can be stored or inspected without immediate action from the operator. On this table, parts can be turned over to be put through a double-sided process.


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