NS Máquinas in Krakow at EUROTOOL Fair 2016

NS Máquinas Industriais will be on the EUROTOOL Exhibition 2016 in Krakow, Poland.

EUROTOOL is a fair for the Machine Tools, Devices and Equipment for Material Processing. This is one of the most important meeting venues for mechanical processing professionals in Eastern and Central Europe.

This is a big opportunity not only for NS Máquinas to present and demonstrate our machines but also to be closer to our customers and suppliers. Given this, we will show different machines with the most specific and distinctive technology. Also, it applies to the most variety of applications and operations.

Here you can find the listed machines that are going to be at the fair and you can demonstrate as well:

Deburring and Edge Rounding Machines - DM1100C

DM1100 C – Edge Rounding Machine

This machine is ideal for edge rounding and removing sharp edges of stainless steel, steel or aluminum parts cut by laser, shear or punching machine.

CFW120 Z – Flat Wet Finishing

Basic flat wet finishing with one abrasive belt head ideal for tubes and bars finishing.

Round Tube Finishing Machines - Rohrschleifmaschine - ML75 - main

ML75 – Round Tube Finishing Machine

Machine for polishing round tubes with a slim and compact planetary wheel allowing the operation of tight bend radius.

Multipurpose Finishing Machines - CLF75

CLF75 – Belt Grinding Machine

This is a belt grinding machines for large and heavy plates and for weld seam polishing. Assembled in wheels so it can be easily moved along the metal sheet.

This is a three day event starting from 18th to 20th October 2016 at stand WISLA W102. If you want to know more about this fair, please visit their webpage: EUROTOOL.

If you have interest in our machine range and need more information about them, you are invited to visit us in this exhibition or contact us here: Contacts.

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