Mirror polished tube - buffing wheel

PP220 2K – Rectangular Tubes Mirror Polishing Machine

The PP220 2K is a rectangular tube and flat bars mirror polishing machine. It uses a throughfeed type of system combined with 2 polishing wheels stations.

Mirror Polishing Station

Large Diameter Polishing Wheels

2 polishing wheels with 400mm diameter and 220mm width.
It is also possible to use different types of brushes: scotch brite, lamella, sisal or cotton.

Tubes Mirror Polishing up to 220mm width

220mm Width Capacity

This machine is capable of process 220mm width rectangular/square tubes and flat bars.
Using small width tubes/bars is also possible side by side to reduce the processing time.

Two tube mirror polishing stations

Independent Mirror Polishing Stations

Both polishing wheels stations are completely independent. All the controls such as speed and pressure can be define independently.
The included thickness meter allows accurate pressure adjustments of 1/10mm.

Liquid compound tanks - tube mirror polishing process

Liquid Compound

Each station of the machine includes a spray gun connected to a 45 litres tank with a liquid compound.
The tanks can be used with a different liquid compound in order to maximize the results.

PP220 2K – Mirror Polishing Machine – Demonstration Video


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