Max width 170mm
Dry finishing
1-3 stations

Professional finishing of rectangular tubes and bars up to 170mm width.


FG170 flat bar and square tube polishing machines are equipments with a solid construction and ready for intensive work in bars or rectangular tubing.

These machines enable the work up to 170mm width with multiple combinations of belt heads and brushes.

FG170 Z has one abrasive belt unit, while FG170 ZK combines the abrasive belt head with an abrasive brush. A double abrasive belt machine, FG170 2Z, and double abrasive belt plus brush, FG170 2ZK are also available.

Other options such as 3 abrasive belts or modification of order of belts and brushes can also be supplied.


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Different configurations
Different configurations

Finishing and removing imperfections of square and rectangular tubes, flat bars or any flat component with different combinations of abrasive belt and brush stations.

Abrasive brush head
Abrasive brush head

Smooth finishing after belt grinding operation with non-woven brush.

Square or rectangular tube finishing
Square or rectangular tube finishing

High quality of surface finishing on stainless steel tubes, tube after tube.

Flat bars finishing
Flat bars finishing
Quick abrasive belt replacement
Quick abrasive belt replacement

Tool-free abrasive belt replacement. Fast and easy belt change in few seconds.

Fixed working height
Fixed working height

FG machines have a constant working height. The adjustment for different thicknesses is made by the movement of the abrasive stations, keeping the conveyor belt always at the same level. This helps the work of long tubes and bars without having to adjust roller tables.

Demonstration VIdeos

FG170 ZK – Flat Bar and Rectangular Tube Finishing Machine


FG170 ZKFG170 2ZFG170 2ZK
Working capacity (Ø mm)170x200170x200170x200
No. belt stations (Z)122
No. brush stations (K)1-1
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)170x2000170x2000170x2000
Abrasive brush dimensions (mm)170xØ200-170xØ200
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)202020
Abrasive brush speed (m/s)15-15
Feeding speed (m/m)6+126+126+12
Abrasive belts motor per head (kW)(x1) 4(x1) 4(x2) 4
Abrasive brush motor per head (kW)(x1) 3-(x1) 3
Feeding motor (kW)0.450.450.45
Total power (kW)7.458.4511.45
Consumption (A)182025
Dust extraction connection per head (Ømm)(x2) 101.6(x2) 101.6(x3) 101.6
Dimensions (mm)1700x1000x20001700x1000x20001910x1000x2000
Weight (kg)8009001050



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