FGWH150 8Z



FGWH150 8Z

Max width 150mm

Wet finishing

8 stations (4 sides)

Four sides finishing at same time of rectangular tubes and bars up to 150mm width.


FGWH150 8Z flat bars and square tube finishing machines are high production equipments which polish the 4 sides of tubes and bars at same time.

These machines enable the work up to 150mm width with a set of double abrasive belt station per side of the bar or profile.

Equipped with 8 abrasive belts head, FGWH150 8Z makes the complete tube finishing in one single pass without the need of returning back the material.

The wet cooling system reduces the heat on the surface of the material and removes the dust from the polishing area. The dust is filtered from the water which operates in closed circuit.


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Flat bar and Rectangular Tube Finishing Machines - FGWH1508z
Four sides finishing
Four sides finishing

Finishes tubes and bars on 4 sides simultaneously. Complete polishing of the 4 sides of the square tube in 1 single pass.

Flat bar and Rectangular Tube Finishing Machines - FGWH1508z
Fixed working height
Fixed working height

FGW machines have a constant working height. The adjustment for different thicknesses is made by the movement of the abrasive stations, keeping the conveyor belt always at the same level. This helps the work of long tubes and bars without having to adjust roller tables.

Independent operation
Independent operation
Independent operation

Independent work of all abrasive stations. Possible to operate only one side or only top and bottom.

Automatic filtration system
Automatic filtration system
Automatic filtration system

On the automatic filtration system, external to the machine, the change of the filter paper is made without the intervention of the operator.

Demonstration Videos

FGWH150 8Z – Demonstration Vídeo


FGWH150 8Z
Working capacity (Ø mm)150x100
No. belt stations (Z)8
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)150x2000
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)20
Feeding speed (m/m)6+12
Abrasive belt motor per head (kW)5.5
Feeding motor (kW)(5x) 0.43
Total power (kW)41
Consumption (A)84
Dimensions (mm)5600x3400x2300
Weight (kg)3900



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