Metal Deburring Machine – DM1100 Z2C


DM1100 Z2C

Deburring and Double

Side Edge Rounding

up to 1100mm

Ideal for burrs removal and double side edge rounding up to 1100mm working width.


DM1100 Z2C is a metal deburring and edge rounding machine. It deburrs and edge rounds inside and outside contours of stainless steel, steel and aluminum parts cut by laser, punching or shearing. This deburring machine operates from both side of the part, removing sharp edges on parts from 150mm length (double side operation) but also from parts as small as 50x50mm (single side operation). DM1100 Z2C has an upper deburring station (contact roller) and a double cross belt head working both on the upper and lower sides of the part, leaving soft and clean edges on the 2 sides of the cut metal sheet in one single pass.


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Deburring and double side edge rounding
Deburring and double side edge rounding

Burr removal and smooth edges on both sides in one single pass of parts cut by punching, shearing, laser or plasma.

Contact roller
Contact roller

Using an abrasive belt removes the heavier burrs from the upper side of the material before the edge rounding operation.

Edge Rounding
Edge Rounding

Two groups of cross belts: the first works on the upper side of the metal sheet while the second operates from the bottom. Each group count with 2 v-belts with abrasive blocks running in opposite direction for perfect round edges in one single pass.

Small Parts Processing
Small Parts Processing

This machine can process small parts, single side, with dimensions down to 50x50mm. The operation can deburr the same side of the part as well as edge rounding.

Parts Return System
Parts Return System

Designed for small parts automatic return up to 150mm. Enables the part feeding, inspection and storage by one single operator. Increases productivity in double side edge rounding.

Easy adjustments
Easy adjustments

Control panel combines a touchscreen with operation buttons to adjust the machine in a fast and intuitive operation.

Maintenance and access
Maintenance and access

Designed so that it is easy to access the deburring units and main mechanical elements in case of machine cleaning and maintenance. All covers open completely.

Demonstration Videos

Metal Deburring and Double Side Edge Rounding Machine – DM1100 Z2C


DM1100 Z2C
Working capacity (mm)1100x120
No. belt stations (Z)1
No. cross belt stations (C)2
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)1100x2200
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)8-22
Cross belt speed (m/s)2-8
Feeding speed (m/m)0.6-3.2
Abrasive belt motor per head (kW)18.5
Cross Belt Motor (kW)(x) 3
Feeding motor (kW)(3x) 0.18
Total power (kW)33
Consumption (A)62
Dust extraction connection per head (Ø mm)150+185
Dimensions (mm)3560x2320x2300
Weight (kg)4900



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