Max size 110mm

Straight or angle

Tube notching or round or rectangular tubes up to 110mm.


MBL are strong tube notching machines that make tubes junction easy whenever welding or joining tubes together is needed.

Notching round or rectangular tubes at 90 degrees or at any angle can be done with accuracy in steel, stainless steel or other metals.

MBL70 has a capacity of 90 degrees notching up to Ø75mm and MBL120 up to Ø120mm.


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Multipurpose Finishing Machines - MBL120
Solid press
Solid press

Strong solid press for accurate notching of round and rectangular tubes as well as flat bars.

Multipurpose Finishing Machines - MBL120
Press adjustment
Press adjustment

Notching press with infinite angle adjustment.

Multipurpose Finishing Machines - MBL120
Top abrasive belt section
Top abrasive belt section

Top abrasive belt section available for tube ends deburring after notching operation.

Various diameters
Various diameters

Different notching rollers for various diameters are available. Easy notching roller replacement.

Demonstration VIdeos

MBL120 – Tube Notching Machine


Working capacity (Ø mm)○ 110
⬜ 110x110
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)120x2000
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)30
Main motor (kW)3
Total power (kW)3
Consumption (A)7
Dust extraction connection per head (Ø mm)(2x) 80
Dimensions (mm)950x1450x1200
Weight (kg)210



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    • A

      До 5.5 кВт
      6800 м3/ч
      Сухая обработка
      Простые и экономичные пылеуловители с фильтровальными мешками.

    • FC120

      Максимальная ширина 120 мм
      Сухая обработка
      1-2 станции
      Идеально подходит для прямоугольных труб и прутков с шириной до 120 мм.

    • ML100

      Maксимум Ø 114мм
      Прямые и трубы с изгибом
      1 станция
      Прямые и круглые трубы с изгибом до Ø144 мм с максимальной гибкостью и постоянством.