Max Ø 114mm
Straight and curved tube
1 station

Straight and curved round tube finishing up to Ø114mm with maximum flexibility and consistency.


Tube polishing machine – ML100 – is the perfect choice for finishing the surface of round, oval, and elliptical tubes.

The ML planetary system allows the work to be done without rotating the tube, delivering the best results on both bent and curved tubes.

The auto feeding system transports straight tubes safely and automatically through the finishing station, delivering a consistent and highly productive tube polishing quality.


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Minimum vibration even on the longest tubes
Minimum vibration even on the longest tubes

With the ML Planetary System the tube is not spinning. The abrasive belts rotate around the tube while it is safely transported by the feeding systems.

Straight or curved tube polishing
Straight or curved tube polishing

The ML100 was designed to finish either straight tubes (automatically) or bent tubes (manually).

Quick set-up
Quick set-up

The ML100 tube polishing machine is simple to work with. The automatic feeding system is hinge mounted and easily removable for bent tube finishing. 

Low heat
Low heat

The light contact with the abrasive belts on the ML Planetary System generates very little heat on the surface of the tube, unlike other more conventional systems. 

Oval tubes
Oval tubes

Oval or elliptical tubes polishing or simply out-of-round tubes can be safely and consistently finished with the ML100

Finishing after tube drilling
Finishing after tube drilling

Maximum adaptability of the abrasive belt to holes or graps in the material surface.

Bent tube finishing made easy
Bent tube finishing made easy

The ML100 has a removable cover at the exit of the grinding head that leaves a bigger, more flexible opening to allow you to finish more challenging bends and tighter radii with less effort and better, more uniform results.

Demonstration VIdeos

Round Tube Finishing Machine – ML100 Demonstrational Video

Sport Bar and Bull Bar – Tube polishing Demonstrational Video
Feeding System for Irregular Surfaces – Tube Finishing Machine
Touchscreen for Program Saving – Tube polishing machine Demonstrational Video


Working capacity (Ø mm)10 - 114
No. Stations1
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)(2x) 50x940
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)10-25
Feeding speed (m/m)1-5
Abrasive belts motor (kw)3
Wheel motor (kw)1.5
Feeding motor (kw)(2x) 0.12
Total power (kw)5
Consumption (A)14
Dust extraction connection (Ømm)80
Dimensions (mm)750x1000x1300
Weight (kg)250
Minimum Bend ChartSee chart



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