Side grinding

Dry finishing

1-5 stations

Side grinding, finishing and beveling of stainless steel flat bars.


TR120 is a side grinding and edge deburring machine for metal plates or flat bars.

The horizontal and oscillating abrasive head grinds and cleans the edges of bars or metal sheets, while the two counter rotating lamella wheels (2L) create a round edge both on top and bottom of the material.

This machine is available with single, double or triple side grinding head – versions TR120 Z, 2Z and 3Z – with or without the two lamellas.

There is also a version of this machine with the stations positioned at 45 degrees (2X).


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Side grinding
Side grinding

TR120 is ideal for stainless steel flat bars side grinding.

Oscillating abrasive belt heads
Oscillating abrasive belt heads

The abrasive belts, 120mm wide, heads oscillate on the width of the bars. This movement allows a constant wear of the abrasive and a lower heat process.

Finishing stainless steel bars
Finishing stainless steel bars

High productivity and consistent finishing on 6 meters bars.

Lamella wheels (2L)
Lamella wheels (2L)

Possibility to equip the machine with 2 counter rotating lamella wheels for sharp edge breaking after side grinding heads.

Side pressure rollers
Side pressure rollers

Constant side pressure on the entire length of the bars by single adjustment pressure rollers system.

TR120 Z 2L 2X with bevelling heads
TR120 Z 2L 2X with bevelling heads

TR120 can be equipped with 45 degrees bevelling heads which can be used for metal sheet, plates or flat bars.

Upper bevelling head
Upper bevelling head

Oscillating bevelling head positioned at 45 degrees for upper edge grinding.

Lower bevelling head
Lower bevelling head

For lower bevelling of the plate.

Stainless steel bar
Stainless steel bar

Example of upper and lower bevelling in one single pass.

Demonstration Videos

TR120 3Z – Side Grinding Machine

TR120 2Z2L – Side Grinding Machine
TR120 Z2L2X – Side Grinding and Beveling Machine
TR120Z2L2X Video 2


Working capacity (Ø mm)3-25
No. belt stations (Z)0-3
No. brush stations (2L)0-1
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)120x1850
Abrasive brush dimensions (mm)30xØ250
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)20
Abrasive brush speed (m/s)18.5
Feeding speed (m/m)6
Abrasive belt motor per head (kW)3
Abrasive brush motor per head (kW)0.25
Feeding motor (kW)0.37
Dimensions (mm)2175x2100x1260 (3Z)
Weight (kg)1221 (3Z)



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