Small Parts Finishing with Return System


FGW170 2ZKR is an upgraded version of the standard Rectangular and Flat Bars Finishing Machine FGW170.  This machine counts with a 2ZK configuration: two abrasive belts stations and an abrasive brush station. The included water spraying and filtration system decreases temperature on the parts.

In order to enable the operation with one single worker, NS Máquinas redesigned the machine to include a Parts Return System. This feature consists on a rotary table and a return conveyor belt to bring the parts back to the feeding point of the machine. Therefore, the operator can be feeding the parts and, simultaneously, collecting and storing them. This system is also suitable for a fast double side finishing of elements which need to be polished on both sides, once the operator can flip the parts and re-feed them on the machine.

Ramp and rotary table

Parts fall through the ramp to the rotary table in order to reverse the route of the parts

Extra conveyor belt

After the rotary table, the parts go to the return conveyor belt to bring the parts back to the feeding point of the machine

Table for parts after finishing process

After all the process, the parts can be fed again into the machine or be stored

Flat bars and rectangular tubes operation

Feeding rollers adapter to bypass the rotary table and to enable the finishing of long flat bars and rectangular tubes


If you want to know more about the main machine operation please visit the FGW170page with photos, videos and specifications table. Also, you can contact us through the following contact form:

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