TR120 Stainless Steel Flat Bars Side Grinding Machine


The TR120 product line is the perfect choice to finish the sides surfaces of flat bars. This machine is capable of removing marks and other imperfections from the raw material that are usually caused by production and handling processes.

What makes this a particularly flexible machine is the fact that it can be configured with up to three different types of stations: a horizontal abrasive belt unit, a 45-degree abrasive belt head, and a lamella wheel unit, all of which serve a specific purpose. The horizontal abrasive belt unit applies an aesthetically pleasing linear finish to the lateral of the part, the 45-degree head is utilized for chamfering, and the lamella wheel unit smoothens the edges of the part.

Besides being a flexible machine with a variety of configurations, the TR120 also benefits from a unique abrasive belt head oscillation system so that you can make the most of your consumables.


Up to 60% more productive

The TR120 combines speed, power and ease of use to become an up to 60% more productive solution than the closest standard finishing method.

Reduced abrasive belt wear

According to feedback gathered from NS Máquinas customers, the oscillation of the abrasive belt heads makes it possible to decrease the rate at which the abrasives get worn out by up to 90%, which also helps reduce the overall cost per part finished, as well as overall expenditure on consumables.

Double-sided process

The TR120 product line also includes a double-sided and a water-cooled version for higher production rates.

45° Chamfering

An extra abrasive belt station positioned at 45 degrees can be included for flat bar edge chamfering, whether you need it for aesthetic reasons or as a preparation process for welding.

TR120 2ZX2L Side Grinding Demonstration Video

NS  Máquinas has recently installed this machine at a factory producing stainless steel structures for residential and industrial buildings, stadiums and bridges.

The high demand for stainless steel flat bars for projects involving big metal structures led the company to want to upgrade their internal process. In this case, they were looking for a machine capable of cleaning and chamfering the edges and grinding the lateral surfaces of their workpieces.

You can take a look at the demonstration video below to see the machine’s installation at the customer’s premises.


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