Unloading System for 6 Heads Machine

NS Máquinas developed a new system to be integrated with the Round Tube Finishing Machines for automatic tubes unloading. The unloading table was connected to a MLW100 6Z, a wet operation machine with six abrasive belt stations.

In this particular example, the operator can feed tubes up to 2 meters and continue to make other operations while the machine is polishing the tube. The green light, on the feeding area, informs the operator the machine is ready to receive a tube. The machine automatically feeds the tubes throughout each station until it reaches the last one with a fine polished surface. Tests done consistently show roughness values lower than 0.1Ra.  The unloading system removes automatically the tube from the machine and puts each in a separate compartment to avoid damages in the surface.


NS Máquinas has also a complete system with loading and unloading for the round tube finishing machines line. Please check the following video for the complete system:


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