Automated Long Belt Finishing Machine – LMD2500

A Cleaner, More Effortless Finishing Process!

The LMD2500 stands out because of its flexibility in finishing sheet metal and other flat surfaces. Thanks to its adaptable abrasive belt, which allows it to reach the various corners or edges of different welded and tubular products, this machine is also ideal for weld grinding and polishing a wide range of irregular shapes.

Traditionally, this machine has been equipped with a manually operated contact roller and flat pad, it being the operator’s responsibility to apply the required finish. Despite being less tiring than a completely manual process, using the LMD still requires the operator’s time and skills to be dedicated to the finishing operation from start to finish.

But what if, when performing repetitive jobs, you could leverage the flexibility of the LMD2500 while freeing the operator for other tasks or simply letting them take a pause?

This is what the new, automated LMD2500 concept is all about: a cleaner and even more effortless finishing process. The demonstration video above shows the LMD2500 finishing a stainless-steel towel radiator. A program mimics the finishing practice which was optimised for years on a manual long belt finishing machine. The flat finishing tool travels at a pre-set speed and along a pre-determined route, going first through the internal area of the towel radiator and finishing up on the two external main columns. This program features two additional working modes: linear finishing and zigzag, as showcased in the demonstration video with a stainless-steel metal sheet.

This concept is available with a flat automated finishing tool and, alternatively, with a contact roller. Different working widths are also available: 2500mm, 3100mm and 4000mm.

With a large program storage capacity, the automated LMD2500 allows you to perfect and then save a specific finishing procedure for future use, thereby greatly reducing the machine’s learning curve and allowing it to be operated by virtually any worker at your facility with minimal training. This also frees the operator from what can often be a monotonous job, enabling them to focus on other tasks where their skills can deliver additional value…

Or simply taking a break and enjoy a cup of coffee!

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