Meet Moises – The Polishing Robot

Throughout the years, NS Máquinas has been dedicated to the development of automated solutions to redirect operators to more cost-effective areas in the production chain, either upstream or downstream. The transition to a semi-automatic or automatic process also has a positive impact on production and labor costs.

By introducing a robotic solution, the integration of different tasks on the same production line is facilitated. Developed in a specialized department as a result of our passion for the automated world and team effort, our project has finally come to life – meet Moises!

Save Time by Gaining Autonomy

Performing the Finishing Operation

By performing tasks in a fast and consistent pace, it will improve productivity and reduce inactive moments.
You can expect a high level of autonomy when working with Moises, as all the tasks will be carried out with precision and timing. This will require less intervention from the operator, and it will help avoid injuries that usually occur when the work is done manually.
When performing the finishing operation, not only does Moises help you with short straight tubes, it also helps with curved tubes.

Optimizing Handling

One of Moises’ main purposes is to integrate different processes in the production line, such as bringing tubes from another equipment to your ML tube finishing machine. As well as optimizing handling upstream, it will also help you downstream by storing tubes on a pallet (or any other container), avoiding operator intervention and extra handling.

Watch Moises.12 in Action!

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