ML100 Z

Max Ø 114mm

Straight tubes

2 or 3 stations

Quality and productivity: straight tube, multiple-station finishing up to Ø114mm.


Tube Finishing and Polishing Machine – ML100 Z – is a multi-station finishing machine for straight round tubes.

This round tube polishing machine is equipped with ML planetary system and enables faster finishing work than single station machines.

Automatic work set-up and control of all the information about the tube finishing are done in a mobile panel with an integrated touchscreen. Completely independent finishing stations. Final finish of the round tubes in only one go.


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Minimum vibration even on the longest tubes
Minimum vibration even on the longest tubes

With the ML Planetary System the tube is not spinning. The abrasive belts rotate around the tube while it is safely transported by the feeding systems.

Mobile touchscreen control
Mobile touchscreen control

User-friendly software where the main functions of the machine can be defined.

Round Tube Finishing Machine - ML100Z
Low heat
Low heat

The light contact with the abrasive belts on the ML Planetary System generates very little heat on the surface of the tube, unlike other more conventional systems. 

Solid and compact design
Solid and compact design

The ML100 Z is designed to work under intensive conditions, even multiple shifts a day, consistently delivering a multi-grain finish tube after tube. 

Automatic loading and unloading systems
Automatic loading and unloading systems

The ML100 Z can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems where the tubes are loaded, finished, and stored without operator intervention. 

Demonstration Videos

Round Tube Finishing Machine – ML100 3Z

Automatic Loading and Unloading System


ML100 2ZML100 3Z
Working capacity (Ø mm)10 - 11410-114
No. Stations23
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)(4x) 50x940(6x) 50x940
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)10-2510-25
Feeding speed (m/m)1-51-5
Abrasive belts motor (kW)(2x) 3(3x) 3
Wheel motor (kW)(2x) 1.5(3x) 1.5
Feeding motor (kW)(3x) 0.12(4x) 0.12
Total power (kW)914
Consumption (A)2733
Dust extraction connection (Ømm)(2x) 80(3x) 80
Dimensions (mm)900x1150x1300950x1450x1300
Weight (kg)430600



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